Welcome to Jade Lantern

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Jade Lantern is the newest imprint on Red Lantern Records, joining sister imprint Black Lantern and founded to work with the amazing creatives in the spoken word, poetry and lo-fi hip-hop world.

Focusing very much on live performers, it is important to us that our artists are able to deliver to audiences, whether embarking on their first slams or seasoned pros looking for a more ethical publisher.

Jade Lantern, like its parent company, is an ethical not-for-profit label, and we are artist-centric in everything we do. This means that we have no desire to profit at the expense of the artist that created the work.

Jade Lantern works as both a Record Label and Publishing House. This is a new are for us, however we have experience in getting works published before, but this is our first foray into is formally.

We are looking for new and exciting artists to work with, and events to get involved with.

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